Interview in International Talent Magazine November, 2014


她是一位旅行家,出生于日本,求学于美国,辗转于非洲,现为中国外文出版社外籍专家;她是一位教育家,曾开办过属于自己的学校,目前仍义务地站在教学的第一线;她更是一位公益家,创立了自己的公益组织地球社区网(ECCN),致力于帮助社区与大自然展开合作。她就是漂洋过海来到中国的谭思婷(Stephanie B. Tansey)。


Stephanie Tansey: “Dialogue Makes the World Get Better”

ECCN at the Ecofair!


On June 28, 2014 we had a booth at FCGroup’s 3rd Beijing Environment and Healthy Lifestyle Fair at the Hilton Hotel. We sold our book “Recovery of the Heart,” introduced our Heart Gardens to people, and ran a sustainability question-and-answer game that spurred dialogue between us and those visiting our booth. Our booth was a success: not only did our books sell out but we were also able to connect with many people who had progressive ideas on dialogue and sustainable life practices.

Eco-Civilization Exhibition at Aidebao


Nature Education for Urban Children Rocks!


We had a great time at our final class. We all created a dance based on Me and Nature, Together. Here is a sunflower baby about to grow up!


ANCA Summit 2013

Association of Nature Center Administrators

September 11, 2013

These two lovely girls serenaded us with a song about nature in Chinese. They and the members from Earth Charter Communities Network traveled all the way from Beijing to come to the ANCA Summit!





New Cool Course at BNU - ESD Real World Education

ESD Real World Education at BNU
ESD at work in the community


ECCN's Dialogue Skills class at BNU is real world education. Students train in dialogue skills, then work with a neighborhood restaurant on a plan to make operations more sustainable. Everyone is curious and one BNU exchange class asked to observe our class. Here we are together in front of that restaurant. This is one-year training course using dialogue and research skills to document if it is possible to get to a win, win, win result - good for the planet, good for people and profitable for the restaurant. Stay tuned!

Heart Gardens

Heart Gardens

We at ECCN believe that everyone should be able to connect to nature in their own home. Many people have plants and many of these are great for creating fresh air in your homes. It is hard to create a garden though and there is something about a garden that because of its beauty and design really helps you clear your mind and give yourself a bit of quietude and harmony with nature.

Dialogue with Nature Walk Sat., October 26th! Open Mike!

Let’s walk and experience nature in this beautiful park. Then celebrate nature in our lives through music and song! You are also welcome to just come and listen with your whole heart and applaud!

Meet at the South Entrance Gate to the Park at 9:30am if you are new to the park. 10am at the Greenhouse near the West Gate. Please bring water. 15 participants is our limit but if you hurry you can bring your child or a friend.

Radio 774 Host Juanzi and Stephanie and TalkBox Radio Series

Radio 774 Host Juanzi and Stephanie on Nature Centers & Education!

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Radio Show Series is back!

Radio 774 Host Juanzi and Stephanie prepare for the show! We are back! This week on Talkbox Radio we talked about the value of nature centers. Our guests were Bo Glover from Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach, CA, Wang Zhimin, Stephanie's Rouliqui teacher and good friend, and Cui Yanan from Tsinghua University Urban Planning and Design Institute. This week the subject is Sustainability Education. Join us!

New! ECCN's Radio Series this week: Organic Gardening

ECCN NEWS Update! Friday, July 12th 11am Join us! Radio am774 Beijing's Recovery of the Heart, Dialogues with People Working Towards a Sustainable Beijing Radio Series will have its second show: Real Organic Gardening. Stephanie Tansey and guests Zhang Zhimin from God's Grace Garden and Little Donkey Farm will discuss what is really organic and why real organic food is so important in a sustainable city. For more information, contact Stephanie Tansey at

NEW! ECCN co-hosts Sustainable Beijing Radio Series

ECCN is cohosting a Sustainable Beijing Radio Show Series of 5 programs based on Stephanie Tansey's book Recovery of the Heart, Dialogues with People Working Towards a Sustainable Beijing. First show: Friday, July 5. You can listen in at 11:00 am on Radio am774 or go online at and add your comments in the Chat Room Contact us at for more information, and to know how to participate. We can also link you to transcripts of each show.